UTA Student and Fashion Designer Alex Spencer, Creator of ‘Kraze Addiction’ Clothing

For many college students, formulating a distinct sense of style is an ongoing process of trial and error.

For Alex Spencer, a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington, this process has manifested itself in the form of a clothing company called Kraze Addiction.

The company found its roots back in 2014, when Spencer began customizing jeans and shorts for fun in between classes and social activities.

“It just caught on as more people wanted custom things from me,” Spencer says, in an email interview. “I have always loved creating things dealing with fashion, whether it be cutting sleeves off a shirt or adding patches to a jacket.”

Alex and Danzel

The business went on to be co-founded by Spencer and his roommate, Danzel Oliver, taking on the name Kraze Addiction.

“The start of the company was inspired by wanting to wear nice stuff without having to spend an excessive amount of money,” Spencer says. “I felt like I was more into the sporadic fashions in hip-hop, which [is] where the name ‘Kraze’ came from.”

Hip-hop inspired more than just the company’s name; it also influenced the styles Spencer created and sold.

“I think the culture of early hip-hop is just spectacular [in] the way it shaped not only music, but clothes and fashions,” Spencer says.

Kraze Addiction specializes in custom-made distressed jeans for both men and women, as well as t-shirts, jackets and hats, all of which Spencer and Oliver sell on their website. While many of the products are actually made by hand, according to Spencer, “some of the items … are imported in from different businesses.”

The clothing line has come a long way in the last three years, as Spencer and Oliver have added new pieces to their collection and have even been featured in several fashion shows across Texas.

Through it all, Spencer has had to juggle the responsibilities of both a business owner and a Criminal Justice major at UTA. “The worst thing has to be lulls in the business, not getting orders and just not being able to create,” Spencer says.

“The best thing [about running a company in college] is just seeing your clothes on other people.”

Looking forward, Spencer hopes to continue developing his and Oliver’s business, eventually expanding its reach and following in the footsteps of one of Spencer’s most influential fashion inspirations, Mike Amiri.

“[Amiri] started from a small clothing-line and got celebrities wearing his clothes,” Spencer says. “Now, he has one of the biggest fashion lines in the world.”

For now, Spencer focuses on overcoming any obstacles that come his way as he finishes up his last year of college and continues to reinvent Kraze Addiction’s prominent sense of style.

“Kraze Addiction [is] just a love for unique fashions and clothing that is inspired by everyday life.”

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